ArtSHINE industries and provides retail showcasing, wholesale distribution, agency representation, and licensing consultancy for Creative Industries Professionals with an emphasis on art, craft, artisanal making, design, fashion, entertainment, photography, music, writing, film & television, digital technology, and games & interactive content.

ArtSHINE industries is focused on creating sustainable enterprise and revenues for the artists, designers, and the Creative Industries professionals we work with, viable returns for the impact investors who support them, and increased social capital for the communities we all live in.

As a licensing agency, ArtSHINE represents a select group of licensors; artists, designers, artisans, crafters, illustrators, game producers, who are ready to commercialise their IP through licensing arrangements across a range of brand categories.

ArtSHINE will  partner with select clients to understand their individual needs and elevate the value of their brands through thoughtfully executed marketing plans and strategies.

So our select clients can focus their time and attentions on doing what they love; being creative, the powerhouse team at ArtSHINE is passionate about solving unique problems through creative collaboration, taking care of all the day to day aspects of licensing:

  • Style guides, bios, and artist statements
  • Trade shows, exhibitions, and overseas delegations
  • Retail and wholesale representation and distribution
  • Contracts and negotiation
  • IP and trademarks
  • PR and brand management
  • Accounting, invoicing, and warehousing

ArtSHINE agency offers an expansive array of showrooms and spaces for showcasing our select clients, properties, and brands. ArtSHINE Agency HQ is housed in the village of Pyrmont, City of Sydney. And visits with our specialist advisors may be arranged by appointment.

Register and express your interest in one of our ArtSHINE Launch Pad or Accelerator programs today and get your licensing career started:

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