Ready to find out how to pitch your idea and get funding?

LAUNCH PAD for Creative Industries Professionals

Do you have what it takes to get your creative practice off the ground? ArtSHINE industries identifies, and advances commercially minded and innovative Creative Industries Professionals.

ArtSHINE ACCELERATOR for the Creative Industries

Ready to move your Creative Practice to the next level? Joining an ArtSHINE industries accelerator program could make it happen. And happen faster.


Getting commercial ready takes focus and connections. ArtSHINE industries has the associations, the systems, and the processes to get you on the map.

ArtSHINE industries for Creative Professionals

CoSydney CoWorking

ArtSHINE industries incorporates CoSydney CoWorking; curated communities of Creative Industries Professionals. Read More

ArtSHINE Business Coaching & Mentoring

ArtSHINE is a specialised coaching program for artists, artisans, crafters, designers, fashion labels, and all professionals working in the creative communities. Read More

ArtSHINE Licencing, Wholesale Agency, and Trade Representation

ArtSHINE industries identifies, funds, represents, and advances commercial ready Creative Industries professionals. Expand your markets. Increase your revenue streams. Read More

ArtSHINE Retail ShowCase

ArtSHINE industries incorporates a commercial gallery, retail showcase, and online platform dedicated to identifying emerging artists, and advancing the creative practices of established artists. Read More

ArtSHINE Product Development and Commercial Readiness

ArtSHINE industries links Creative Industries Professionals with the associated services they need. Product Development, Commercial Readiness, and IP & TradeMarks. Get investor ready. Read More

ArtSHINE Launch Pad + Accelerator

ArtSHINE industries brings together the connections, coaching, associate services, and systems & processes all Creative Industries Professionals need to accelerate an enterprise or a creative practice. Read More

GameSHINE - Game Studio & Coworking Space

We’re on a dynamic and inspiring mission to accelerate the success of commercially minded CreaTech Entrepreneurs and Australia’s Creative and Technology Economies. Come join with us. Read More

ArtSHINE Associates

ArtSHINE industries links Creative Industries Professionals with the associated services they need. Product Development, Commercial Readiness, and IP & Trademarks. Get investor ready. Read More

ArtSHINE CoffeeHouse

Caffiene fueled creativity. ArtSHINE industries incorporates an onsite coffeehouse with its own special blend of boutique coffee. Read More

ArtSHINE industries,
innovating, creating, sharing bold and engaging work, enriching creative practices, advancing sustainable enterprise, and strengthening local communities


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ArtSHINE industries is Australia’s independent Creative Industries Enterprise Acceleration Platform + Launch Pad identifying, advancing, and funding commercially minded and innovative Creative Industries Professionals who focus on art, craft, artisanal making, design, fashion, entertainment, photography, music, writing, film & television, digital technology, and games & interactive content.

ArtSHINE industries for Impact Investors

Impact Investing with ArtSHINE industries

Would you like more information about the opportunities to invest in the ArtSHINE industries’ porfolio of Creative Industries Professionals?

  • Patronage
  • Seed funding
  • Angel investments
  • Equity stakes
  • Accelerator program
  • The ArtSHINE Portfolio

 To find out more about who we are, and how ArtSHINE operates, please contact us now.

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