ArtSHINE  operates a 6 month accelerator program to assist Creative industries to develop a minimum viable product and/or service, refine a business model, and ultimately launch a startup company.

The ArtSHINE Accelerator offers the following to approximately 6 startup teams per program:

  • Regular educational workshops on lean startup principles, including customer discovery and market validation;
  • Presentations by real world professional advisors on innovation management, intellectual property protection, legal agreements, new venture funding and pitching;
  • Tailored milestone plans to accelerate technical, legal and commercial development;
  • Equity investment by Angel Investors Funds of up to $50,000 per team;
  • Matching with local, national and/or international entrepreneurial mentors; and
  • Opportunity to co-work with other startup teams.
  • Coworking Space for 6 month at COSydney Coworking +  + Enterprise Accelerator

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