Commercial Ready

Assisting Creative Enterpreurs develop the culture and practices of commercial ready and  innovation in business.

The ArtSHINE  Commercial Ready & Innovation program is based on the ArtSHINE Coaching Program developed  over the past 20 years of coaching experience with various business industries. The program was developed as part of the ArtSHINE incubator & accelerate programs which assist Creative inddustries to access a range of commercial ready and innovation services and innovation support programs.

The Ready Commercial and innovation Coaching program from ArtSHINE provides numerous benefits:

  • Mentoring by providing the client with a wealth of experience gained by the ArtSHINE industries in working with hundreds of clients
  • Guided coaching with practical tools to give lasting, hands-on learning in business in the Creative industries.
  • Referrals through ArtSHINE Associate program and  extensive networks so that the client has access to the best expertise.

The Commercial Ready & Innovation Coaching program is available across Australia.  Companies vary in their readiness for Commercial Ready Coaching. This service is not for everyone. However, our coaches also provide connections and referrals to other service providers within the Creative industries professionals Network with a focus on arts, designs,crafts, artisanal making, design, fashion, entertainment, photography, music, writing, film & television, digital technology, and games & interactive content.

Companies that benefit most from this service are small to medium enterprises (SMEs), or clusters of SMEs that are commercial ready to innovate, and that have leaders committed to innovation but do not currently have the clear direction, confidence, capabilities or creative processes to take advantage of the power of innovation without some assistance. The ArtSHINE Commercial Ready  and innovation Coaching process teaches companies HOW TO COMMERCIALISE, INNOVATE and HOW TO BECOME AN INNOVATIVE COMPANY for the long term.


A FREE one hour consultation is provided for  Innovators / Inventors seeking assistance progressing their ideas to the market..

For further information about the ArtSHINE’s Commerciasl Ready & Innovation Coaching please email