Meet Our Accelerator Participants

ArtSHINE operates a 6 month accelerator program to assist Creative Industries Professionals, innovative entrepreneurs, and creative practitioners to develop a minimum viable product and/or service, refine a business model, and ultimately establish a sustainable enterprise or creative practice.

Assisting established and commercial ready Creative Industries Professionals, creative practitioners, and innovative entrepreneurs to develop the culture and practices of commercial readiness and  innovation in business.

Through this consulting program practitioners could also access a range of commercial ready and innovation services and innovation support programs taking their products or services to a global market.

We are proud to announce the ArtSHINE Accelerators for 2017. All members  had and currently completing a six month Accelerator program. We have eight artists who are commercial ready and will be participating  Surtex  Art Licensing trade show in New York in May 2018.

* Participating Surtex 2018